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Friday, August 25, 2017

Today I was at a regional Principal's meeting.

Key messages were:
  • Special Ed will get its shit together in 10-15 years
  • National standards will continue to be our public service target (even though National Standards have been proven to do diddly-squat for the 7 years that they have been implemented).
Whispers and thoughts about what a crappy time it is in education, and what are hard time it is to be a Principal. 

But what I think, is that it is an absolutely crappy time to be a child in the NZ school system.

How about we have a public service target for something else? 
How about we have a public service target in relation to the % of children who have timely access to the services and support that they need?

Two generations of children not getting the support they need.

Two generations of children having to share a classroom with children who are not getting the support they need. 

5-7 year olds being measured against standards that will create long-term mental health and self-esteem damage. 

Teacher supply on the decrease.

Relieving crises in many parts of the nation.

Mental health issues with younger and younger children.

Suicide rates up.

Ritalin use up.

Way to go.

Way to go. 

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