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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cross industry sharing

I was at a deck party yesterday and got talking to a health professional. I was surprised that she shared the same concerns for her line of work that I do for mine.

"Everything we do must be evidence based, the problem with this is that what works for one person may not for another. We work with humans. Every one of them is different." (That was the medical person... Not me!)

Jo shared the story of how her mother had polio in the 1930s and how her mother's doctor did not believe in the evidence based bed-rest polio treatment. Instead the doctor insisted that her mother had to swim everyday. This hunch paid off and she led a limp-free life.

Such hunches would not be tolerated in today's health system (without an evidence-based backing). 

I am afraid of an extreme evidence based education system where hunches can no longer be tried.

I'd always thought (and have probably actually said out loud) that the science evidence based stuff is better in sectors such as medicine because, you know, they have pills and medicine and stuff. 

However after this conversation and all the discourse around hemp, medicinal marijuana etc at the mo (not to mention the situation that one of our beautiful students is in with a bizarre case of fighting both medical bureaucracy and lymes) I am starting to wonder...

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