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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Last week at school we had a real-life illustrator (Margaret Tolland) in and she did a cool thing with the kids called "drawing warm-ups".

She did this by showing different slides of native birds and challenged the students to 'blind draw' (not looking at their paper).  Every 30 seconds the slide would change.  They did about 10 of them before they even stated thinking about their art work. The pay-off and focus time was impressive.

Doing a drawing warm-up
When I got home I told Jo about it and we thought it would be cool to have warm-ups for all curriculum areas. Often schools have things called maths warm-ups, but they are not quite the same. We started thinking about writing.

Using the same rapid fire format we came up with this that we will try out on Monday.

Obviously this is in the very beginning stages.  We'd love to have people contribute any other writing warm-up suggestions and any other ways we could do warm-ups in other curriculum areas.

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  1. I've been using a warm-up to writing while I do the roll this year. We've called it Daily Dash. It is a resonating success. What I've found emerging is that I am coaching the kids by being their "self talk". The benefits initially presented as speed writing and generating ideas so that they make sense in text. Last term, I began to see my kids being able to write for a range of purposes. They will sometimes astound me and write a whole piece in 15 minutes that just needs crafting. I can see explicit next steps and the children are evaluating their use of writing tools on a daily basis. All in 15 minutes! Needless to say, I don't get quite the same opportunity to play class clown and tell my stories but the celebration of this approach is the amount of text children are generating, the fact that they want to take their writing further in Own Choice Writing time and the death of worksheets. It is their own writing that they are using to practise skills, re-craft, develop word power with... I'm keen to hear how it goes! :)