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Sometimes good thinks happen and sometimes bad thinks happen. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two.

Some thinks need immediate action and some thinks may remain as thinks forever. Thinks can be angry and heated. Thinks can be joyful. Thinks should never be cold.

These thinks are linked to many other wonderful thinks and I like to attribute these.

These thinks do not necessary reflect those thinks of my employer.

Think long, think on.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Tara's Top Ten from Ignition 2012

1. The food and the staff that worked tirelessly in the kitchen. They cleaned our plates and cups. They kept our caffeine levels up. They engaged in friendly meaningful conversations. Truly Awesome!

2. Sharee and Sharon's day two activities (world cafe and speed dating) What a fantastic way to start the day. We're definitely taking that back to school! Bravo!

3. The 'three things' introductions - an efficient way to get to know a large group of people! Clever!

4. Billy from Pakuranga High Schools iphone App session. App development need not be specialized unachievable and complicated. We CAN do it! - Inspirational!

5. Vodafone for minimally invasive sponsorship. We couldn't have come without you. - Legends!

6. Watching my friend and colleague Lisa pull out an ignition talk with very short notice where she spoke from her heart and made us all so proud - Sensational!

7. Lightbulb moment #1 via Chris Clay - Why don't we measure achievement by ones contribution to the community (whether that be a school, a teacher or a student). Brilliant!

8. Lightbulb moment #2 via Mark Osborne - Excellence is finite so why not strive for 10% better and then move on to the next 10%. It's infinite, but achievable. Say waaaaa?

9. Being there with so many people from our school. These guys are sensational and we are preparing ignite talks to present to our BOT - THIS THURSDAY! Now that's commitment!

10. And last, but certainly not least, TeacherNZ's augmented reality session where he pulled out this wee gem. I physically felt brain cells growing while endless possibilities screamed through my head. - GENIUS

Albany Senior High - if achievement is measured by contribution to the community - I think you might be on to something... Aspirational!


  1. Hi there

    I am not sure that excellence is finite because as soon as I get close to achieving it, I realise how much more there is to know and how much better I could have done it. The very act of achieving towards excellence only increases your awareness of how far away from it you now are. Therefore, in my view achieving excellence is about 10% plus 10% plus 10% ad infinitum.

  2. Hi Lesley

    Thanks for taking the time to comment (yay) :D
    YES! Absolutely, that was the point (in my haste to vent I worded it quite clumsily above).

    Excellence is not something that you arrive at and then say,
    "Wow, we're here we can stop now!"

    So instead of striving for a 'finite excellence' - strive for the plus 10%.