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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Looking forward to the basics

I remixed this video for an ignite talk at #ignition2012.  It explores themes of disrupting competitive standardized written assessments and looking forward to a more personalised digital assessment model. The video does stand alone but there are points missing because when presented I was speaking too.  Below is a basic overview of my thinking.

As time goes on in this rapidly changing environment, I wonder if we should be equipping our children with digital literacy and digital citizenship and prioritizing this over more traditional forms of literacy.  This way learners will be able to 'own' their assessment, identify their learning needs, and articulate and document this via digital technologies. I find it exciting to think that once basic digital literacy is established learners will be able to document and share their learning (including traditional areas such as reading, writing, maths, the arts, sport, PE) with their families, teachers, and community. Young children will learn about crucial digital citizenship issues such as creative commons, contributing educational knowledge to their communities, and being cyber smart.

This changes our teaching role significantly where instead of marking books 'after school' we have opportunities to collaborate with our learners 'live' in online environments (if, and only if,  they have the digital literacy and citizenship skills)

This will enable children to frame their learning in a more relevant cultural context as opposed to having to be assessed with standardised (and predominately Euro-centric) reading material.

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  1. Loved your presentation and so glad that you put it online. I was wondering if perhaps I wasted too much time in the first time setting up digital spaces for the students. I now think getting those 'basics' will help through the year.


  2. Love the video, some great links with what is relevant for our students.