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Sometimes good thinks happen and sometimes bad thinks happen. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two.

Some thinks need immediate action and some thinks may remain as thinks forever. Thinks can be angry and heated. Thinks can be joyful. Thinks should never be cold.

These thinks are linked to many other wonderful thinks and I like to attribute these.

These thinks do not necessary reflect those thinks of my employer.

Think long, think on.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A letter to Anne Tolley

Dear Anne Tolley,

I hope you are ready for me this year. I am making it my mission to shake up your poor excuse for a system. The ideas you espouse are antiquated and wrong, and have been proven wrong over and over again. When it comes to doing the right thing for the benefit of our children and the nation, I will not rest.

I will write to you regularly as an educator, a mother, and a citizen. I will involve the media, local and overseas experts until you either admit what you are doing is wrong, or the nation will exercise their democratic rights and vote you out.

There is no undoing of all the money you have wasted so far with your flawed changes, but you need to recognise that a mistake has been made and cut your (and the taxpayer's) losses. You are stuck in a Piagetian system, in a world that has gone well beyond that way of thinking. We celebrate individualised progress, not the reaching of an arbitrary standard. We are not a factory.

You are forcing mediocre educators to ignore the 'at standard' children, give up on the well 'below standard' children, and deny all the others their passions.

It's easy to teach the way you expect us to: most mind numbing things are easy. I have two roles. The first one involves me ticking your boxes and boring my children. The second involves me educating my children 'outside' of your system and generally outside of ordinary school hours. We are lucky that we have a flexible curriculum that was worked on by good people well before you came along.

I have empowered my children with the ability to think critically and I will continue to do so. You and the advisers you parrot provide a wealth of material for this. I am not the first teacher to be troubled by this issue. I am not a teacher standing alone on this issue. There is a growing network of us slowly making changes within. Unlike you, we are willing to work, think about, read, and eventually solve this problem by taking action. The empowerment of our children is the first step in this process - if we cannot fix the harm you are doing then we are confident that they will.

I suggest you start your journey by watching this: