About Thinks

Sometimes good thinks happen and sometimes bad thinks happen. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two.

Some thinks need immediate action and some thinks may remain as thinks forever. Thinks can be angry and heated. Thinks can be joyful. Thinks should never be cold.

These thinks are linked to many other wonderful thinks and I like to attribute these.

These thinks do not necessary reflect those thinks of my employer.

Think long, think on.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ignite evening at ASHS

This was yet another great gathering organised by the good people at Albany Senior High School. All the speakers were awesome and topics ranged from Evolution to Augmented Reality. I got my comeuppance for being a little silly on my registration form and ended up doing mine on 'giggity' - a catch phrase by Glen Quagmire from Family Guy.

I used this to highlight the importance of finding the goodness... in everyone

Ignite Talk | Tara Taylor-Jorgensen from Emerging Leaders on Vimeo.

Still insanely nervous - but feeling more comfortable in this welcoming group of educators. Thanks everyone :)


  1. Great topic - I will have to have a chat with some of my older boys about them saying "giggity, giggity" now I have seen it in context.

  2. Great points and very engaging presentation. Whatever happened to hauora?